WS Silicon-Wafer Hydro-Extractors

HYDRO-EXTRACTOR for Silicon Wafers "WS"

CLEAN ROOM execution
with the following characteristics:
  • n. 4 cradles for 6,5,4,3"
  • n. 4 cradles  6"
  • n. 4 cradles 8"
  • n. 2 cradles 10"
Adapter for different diameters with two couples of pins positioned on the rims of the cradle and a couple of edge-supports reinforced on the bottom.
ROTATING BASKET in electro-polished stainless steel, light construction without concave surfaces towards the internal side of the basket.
The basket is equipped with the location pits of the wafer-supports.
The structure is designed for a max. speed of 900 r.p.m. with a load of 4  6" cradles.
The basket is foreseen with seats for mechanical extractors in order to allow a quick displacement of the same.
The CONTROL GROUP is equipped with variable speed motor and indirect coupling.
Water piping in PTFE: the liquid interception will be by means of a differential pressure non-interruptible set of PTFE valves.
Ionized Nitrogen supply with piping in PTFE, flowmeter control
H20 filtration group with FLUOREX filter millidisk type 0,22 microns
ionized Nitrogen filtration group with FLUOREX filter 0,2 micron and 1 WAFERGARD 0,2 micron filter
EXTERNAL COVER with flat double section, heated and teflon-lined.
PLC programmer for fully automatic control of the hydro-extraction and drying sequences.
Nitrogen ionizer and HEATER insulated with Glycol,

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