RECOMETER Energy Meter Data Logger

Energy Meter Data Logger
The instrument is a dedicated energy meter data logger and display .
It is specially designed to acquire temperatures and flow-rates of any energy recovery equipment.
When mounted on an energy recovery exchanger it will log and display the operating data of the energy flow through the system.
The package  includes the instrument, one flow-meter and four temperature probes.

The  flow-meter has to be mounted on the cold clean water inlet pipe of the exchanger, while the four probes  measure the temperature of inlet and outlet flows of both the primary and the secondary fluids.

The dedicated microprocessor  calculates and stores the log of process data including:

•    All 4 temperatures;
•    Flow-rate of the secondary fluid;
•    Instantaneous  recovered energy (displayed in Kcal/hour or kW);
•    Non –resettable energy counter (Mcal or kW);
•    Efficiency of the system.

The instantaneous reading of the above mentioned data is possible through a dedicated display mounted on the panel.

The logged data are stored on a micro SD card.
The data can then be read on any PC as they are formatted in CSV format.
Further elaboration is directly possible as the file can be converted in an Excel file.

The instrument is packaged in a protected IP55 enclosure to be mounted on any front panel.


the kit

the panel


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