Striving for excellence is the only way to gain and maintain a leading role as manufacturer of reliable and profitable machinery in nowadays’ more and more competitive market. The ability of offering a full line of products and the constant presence of our capillary network of agents allows for strict co-operation with Customers and for a constant search of  newer and better technologies to serve at best.

POZZI proudly belongs to the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, member  of  Confindustria:  its main purpose consists in promoting the Italian textile machinery sector and in supporting its activity, mainly abroad, in co-operation with ICE, the  Italian Trade Commission. In order to promote the knowledge on Italian textile machinery throughout the world, ACIMIT gives all sort of  information on the activity of its manufacturers  and organizes a wide range of promotional activities (such as exhibitions, technical seminars, missions in Italy and abroad, etc.). Another  of its major aims consists in informing its member companies about commercial, financial and technical problems which can be found in the different markets in order to ease  their entry.

One undiscussed world leader for the supply of chemicals to industrial laundries has chosen POZZI as their technological partner on energy consulting.
The outcome of this co-operation is the improvement of our RCR heat exchanger into a more specific machine called EOP, perfectly suitable to the requirements of industrial laundries.

MCS is a well-known Italian manufacturer of textile machinery that utilizes POZZI technology for the best possible energy recovery for discharged effluents. MCS install POZZI RCR-Heat Recovery Systems in their machines.

In order to skillfully face the present challenges of an ever-changing demanding world market, Alberto Pozzi, third-generation offspring of the historical textile machinery manufacturing company, has founded an engineering company with the aim of helping customers both in Italy and abroad to solve the issues related to the creation of the proper infrastructure around their machines, focusing especially on energy optimization and efficient planning of factories. In just a few years’ time POZZI Srl has contributed to the re-organization of dozens of factories in all continents with renowned expertise, in the spirit of Italian creativity and international experience.

Pozzi Leopoldo is a new member of the LOMBARDY ENERGY CLEANTECH CLUSTER.
From the homepage of the website :
Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster is the industrial cluster of power generation, transmission, distribution, energy efficiency and sustainable building.

Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster operates as an organised network which facilitates communication along the entire supply chain in order to optimize products, services and final costs.
A tool for fostering innovation and competitiveness in companies, particularly in SMEs, supporting future green growth, promoting green solutions,
increasing companies visibility on the market.

Today Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster is built upon a multiple-helix model with 100 large, small and medium sized companies; 8 universities and research centers; 10 organizations of industrial association as well as no-profit bodies; 5 institutions from the public sector; 4 financial institutions - banks.