Comprehensive Counseling

Belonging to one of the oldest Italian textile-machinery companies, Alberto Pozzi is a mature textile engineer with a degree earned at Leeds University a few decades ago, who decided to flank the historical textile machinery manufacturing company with POZZI Srl:  an engineering company structured to help customers both in Italy and abroad solve the  issues related to the creation of the proper infrastructure around their machines.
POZZI’s team has been since intensively involved in engineering counseling, focusing especially on energy optimization and efficient planning of factories.
In just a few years’ time POZZI has contributed to the re-organization of dozens of factories in all continents. POZZI’s expert counseling has ranged from a totally new sowing-yarn enterprise in Egypt to the largest home-textile factory in Pakistan, from an Italian multinational cosmetics enterprise to the largest producer of acrylic yarn in India.

The urging need for a more and more sustainable approach to production processes combined to the difficult global economic conjuncture are the reasons motivating POZZI’s clients to  "dare” the sensible changes needed to achieve  greater cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Having patented the ever-green innovative RCR- heat recovery system, POZZI offers winning energy optimization opportunities thanks to the in-depth analysis of each production cycle approach and their allocation, ensuring the least possible waste of time, space, energy, personnel…money.
Choosing POZZI’s expertise means allowing your company to grow with Italian creativity and international experience and skillfully face the present challenges of an ever-changing demanding world market.
What we do best

For new complete PLANTS

  • lay-out planning and technical assistance in organizing processing areas of the plant or department
  • analysis of all necessary supply networks with full-dimensioning of the water distribution, energy fluids distribution, and of all auxiliary production systems;
  • characterization and dimensioning of drain collecting pipelines;
  • dynamic dimensioning of water energy and effluent requirements
  • technical and financial analyses with comparative study of offers concerning necessary instruments/materials;
  • analysis of water and energy consumption (water, steam, etc.) with special focus on their optimization and proposal  for possible recovery;
  • study of possible effluent heat recovery for further optimizing energy consumption with suggestion of necessary instruments/materials;
  • study of possible automatic systems for process streamlining with suggestion of necessary instruments/materials;
  • dimensioning of service areas necessary to production process;
  • dimensioning   and planning of automatic warehouse systems where needed;
  • assistance during installation and start-up of the plant.
What you get


  •     Endorsement of prospected areas
  •      Lay-out planning and full drawings thereof
  •     Planning of service areas (power generation, distribution network, effluent collections etc.)


  •   Full dimensioning of distribution networks (water, steam, condensate, cooling ,effluents) and full drawings thereof.
  •   Dimensioning of pumping needs and and full drawings thereof
  •   Dimensioning of fittings (valves, supports, etc) needs and and full drawings thereof.


  •      Assistance in complying with hygiene and safety norms for workers and environment
  •      Assistance and advisory consultancy during erection and start up.
  •      Assistance during suppliers selection
  •     On-site assistance when needed

Some of our recent customers
  • Complete design of a yarn dye-house in Oppeano
  • Water distribution and effluent heat recovery plant
  • Complete design of a new cosmetics plant with automatic internal storage and transport
  • Complete design of a new mercerization and yarn dye-house in Settala
  • Analysis and optimization of processes, re-design of effluent collection and heat recovery plant
  • Analysis and optimization of processes, re-design of effluent collection and heat recovery plant
  • Analysis and optimization of processes, re-design of effluent collection and heat recovery plant
  • Complete design of a new mercerization and yarn dye-house in El Amereya, Alexandria
  •  Complete design of the new yarn dye-house in Kolapur
  • Optimization of processes for energy saving, re-design of effluent collection and heath recovery plant
  •  Analysis and optimization of processes, re-design of effluent collection and heat recovery plant
  • Analysis and optimization of processes in the fabric and yarn dye houses, re-design of energy optimization plants
  • Full energy-conscious revamping of factory, including: effluent collection and energy recovery, turbo-gas generators recovery, stenter  fumes recovery, and custom-designed automatic energy optimization control system
LEROY        Complete design of a medical-fabric dye-house in Morelos

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