DRYPAC e LAB Semi-Rapid Dryers

A completely innovative approach has been adopted for this drying chamber, the DRYPAC dryer is designed to process all kind of yarns in any kind of package: it can handle carts carrying the columns of cones coming from centrifugation or directly the dyeing material carriers after a preliminary dewatering process.
All details of this machine were designed to reduce energy costs, increasing the final quality of the dried yarn and guaranteeing a better working environment.
The quality of final product is strongly dependent on the capacity of the drying chamber to guarantee that the fiber is kept in perfect condition. The above statement is particularly true with regard to the direct relationship between the finished handle and the amount of water naturally present in the fiber.
This equilibrium may be upset if the drying process is not carried out correctly.
The DRYPAC drying chamber adopts a series of measures that ensure that this does not happen.


A small machine for a great laboratory.
with a loading capacity of 12 bobbins this small but efficient drying chamberis designed to solve the problems of small lot drying and multiple sample handling.
similar in all respect to its bigger production counterpart, quiet and fast, reproduces on a small scale the operativity of a DRYPAC


three driers


a laboratory dryer