POLY-P-ONE modular dyeing machine

POLY-P-ONE  modular multi-color machine
The concept idea of the POLY-p-ONE system is based on the extreme exploitation of modular versatility.
The dyeing lot sizes in many cases tend to be extremely variable especially when considering the production runs covering the 10 to 200 kgs range.  This is the main reason for the strong request of the market for air pad machines where a variable lot size is possible by using a partially loaded machine.
Unfortunately this solution dramatically lowers the overall ratio between the possible nominal load of machines and the ACTUAL usage of the dye house equipment. An annoying side-effect of this situation is the large number of machines required to reach a target production.


Pozzi Leopoldo has built an impressive experience in multi-colour sectional machines developing a secure and simple system for limitless machine coupling, a technology which is already proven by the polylab success.
Coupling from 2 to 6 dyeing units into one pre-fitted compact small-lot dye house, a 300 kgs machine is born which has endless capability of treating different lots and different colours in the same time.
In larger environments a series of POLY-p-ONE machines can be looked upon as a totally reconfigurable dye house in which the capacity of each machine is from time to time varied according to the production needs.


As an example a POLY-p-ONE/4 machine, consisting of 4 interlinked, independent kiers can be used, according to the dyer needs as:
  •     A single 160 kg machine producing 1 colour
  •     One 40 kg machine (1 colour) + one 120 kg machines (1 different colour)
  •     Two 80 kg machines producing independently 2 different colours
  •     Two 40 kg machines (2 colour) + one 80 kg machine producing (1 colour)
  •     Four 40 kg machines producing independently 4 different colours

    The pump : is an helico centrifugal pump, made in stainless steel AISI 316. The pump is driven by an electric motor which is connected to an inverter, this provides a variable flow rate during the process and a very high precision.
    Full endless coupling technology: The special design of the universal coupling arrangement permits the management of lot sizes in a secure and automatic way. The absolute guarantee of uniform dyeing is a must in POLY-p-ONE arrays and this is achieved through the original criss-cross pathway that the bath is forced to follow.
    Low bath ratio:
the kiers are designed for air pad pressurization with internal expansion sleeve. Energetically and chemically efficient machine.
    Plug & dye: POLY-p-ONE is in fact a small dye house which comes ready-mounted and wired. No hidden costs for fitting, no civil works, no compromises.
    MULTI-Control & Electrical panels: an innovative PLC connected to a full centralized PC supervising control system UNILAB with real time and historic reading on the measurement instruments, plus programming easiness and expandability.



front view of a 6-kier machine


rear view of the 6-kier machine