SALTEX Salt dispensing and distribution


Salt dispensing system

SALTEX is a dispensing system for salts, designed to allow the distribution of different types of salt to a large number of machines by using a single apparatus.
This is made possible, thanks to the process of homogenisation of the salts with the addition of a small amount of water, and the distribution of this highly concentrated salt paste through a monopipe distribution line.
The SALTEX system overcomes the traditional limitations represented by the use of brine. This Pozzi technology has been especially designed to deal with a salt-water ratio which is significantly higher than all the salt concentrations currently available in the other dosing systems on the market:
with sodium cloride the concentration can reach 3 kg of salt for each liter of water
On one hand the high concentration of the salt paste means the reduction of the volume of the water added to the machines, on the other hand the special liquifying system allows the distribution of the salt blend through the pipelines without causing any problem to the system and its valves.
In order to serve a large number of machines with one single central system, SALTEX uses the strategy of `multitask` distribution, based on the concept of fragmentation of the total quantity requested, and the delivery of these quantity in small packets to the ordering machines, on a rotation basis.
This concept has a lot of advantages for the dyer: first of all, SALTEX can set different programmable times of distribution, in such a way that the requesting machines could easily dissolve and start the circulation of the salt into the batch, before the whole quantity is delivered. This process of fragmentation is completely automated and does not require any intervention of the operator. In addition, this capability of packet delivery ensures a lot of flexibility on the target machines, because only a small portion of water is added to the bath, thus not changing the liquor ratio even on small size machines.
The system for the transportation of the salt paste through the distribution pipes does not demand the use of pumps and therefore the degree of reliability of the system is considerably increased. Moreover the system is programmed to freeze the position of all the valves along the distribution pipeline when this is operating the transfer, thus eliminating the problems of abrasion of the gaskets usually caused by salt particles.
Flexibility is also maximized in the connectability of the SALTEX system with up to five different storage tanks , so the dyer can select to dispense up to five different salts. The degree of concentration, the operational procedures for the homogeneisation and the delivery, can vary according to the type of salt, and can be completely programmed by the user.
SALTEX can also function in a semi-automatic way using the computer of the homogeniser, or it can be connected to the DOSATEX software if the customer has already one. In this last case, the necessary quantities of salt will be added to the dye recipes in order to have the automatic dosings of salts, without modifying any existing parameter or procedure of the DOSATEX system, that has already been developed for the dosing of liquid products.
The storage tanks can be supplied in stainless steel or in fiberglass-reinforced plastic, and can be equipped with a break-off-bridge system and a feeding archimedean screw. Also the silos can be fitted with pneumatic systems for the loading.

Saltex omogenizer

single-tank configuration

Twin Saltex

double-mixer configuration

Salt dosing plant

1 silo and 1 big-bag textile silo with inside omogenizer