AQuafix BT Yarn Conditioning

 AQuafix BT 
Medium and low-temperature yarn conditioning machines
AQuafix is an effective tool in controlling the quality of the spun product as it yields a natural mechanical elasticity increase together with a higher abrasion resistance of the cotton. These two combined effects dramatically reduce dust in the following knitting or weaving operations.
Conductivity of the fibre is increased, thus eliminating electrostatic charges. The net overall result is a reduction of yarn breakage in the looms.
AQuafix forces water molecules to enter the intimate structure of the fiber and does not limit itself to a mere superficial deposit of water.
This capacity guarantees that humidity is thoroughly and evenly distributed in the full load, thus yelding the maximum weight increase.
AQuafix technology reaches the top standards in energy conservation (see the dedicated  Technology pages)
POZZI can supply machines to implement the AQuafix process using 3 different design options:

Horizontal AQuafix BT-TUBE is an autoclave for treating boxed bobbins, creels or low pallets limited to 6 or 7 strata. The maximum operating temperature is 105°C . The material can be tunneled through the machine or fed through one door only.
 Vertical AQuafix  BT-BELL  has a cylindrical design for treating high pallets, either in single or twin version. The maximum operating temperature is 105°C.  This is the preferred conditioning solution where productions of a maximum of 15,000 kg a day are to be produced in the form of pallets. There is no practical limitation of pallet height (13 strata can easily be treated) as far as the building permits the total lift of the vacuum bells. The machine is easily integrated with the pallet handling automation: the PLC control is designed for easy interface and programmability.

Horizontal AQuafix BT-CUBE  This is the largest capacity machine we manifacture. It is a modular construction to be able to treat from 2 up to 5  13-strata pallets at a time. The maximum operating temperature is 96°C. It is designed for total integration with atomatic handling systems, with either single or double door in the "tunnel" version. This machine type, introduced first by POZZI in the 1990's, has since been manufactured for hundreds of installations around the world, being a quality must for the world top spinners.



production line at POZZI´s


a machine at work


a vertical machine

AQuafix panel

the AQuafix touch-screen control panel


a small production machine