SBR Fishnet Setting


Special Steamers

POZZI manufactures a line of special machines for the thermosetting of speciality materials, ranging from the annealing of acrilic tow to fancy yarn bulking.
An example of this range is the stretch-setting machine for fishnets.
Quality in the production of netting depends on the stability of the knot and its abrasion resistance plus on the dimensional setting of the net aperture.
In this machine the net is stretched with a 25-ton pull while the vacuum steaming takes place at high temperature.
The material is loaded on a special cart outside the machine, while another one is being processed; at the end of the operation the two carts swap their position automatically, giving a very high production rate.
The machine can be manufactured with a length up to 30 meters.    

Stretchfix of fishnets SBR

a 30-meter machine