BR-LAB Lab Steamers

"BR-LAB" for fixing operations on textile materials
Ideal simulation for industrial production "AQUAFIX" machines
Max temperature 140 ° C
  •       safety valve, pressure relief valve, vacuum shut-off valve
  •       a hood protection used to prevent the dripping of condensate drops on the material to be steamed;
  •       a support system of the material to be steamed (max. 3 bobbins 230 mm diameter, height 170mm);
  •       a cradle diffuser to ensure the perfect distribution of the steam inside the autoclave.
The machine is designed for the simulation of complete cycles of steaming with external water recovery, exactly as in the larger industrial AQuafix-type machines. To perform the AQuafix cycle , the basin for the water to be evaporated is separated from the main autoclave and it is isolated from the latter by an exclusion valve . The electric immersion heater for water evaporation is mounted on the external basin together with the necessary level probes .
The electrical control panel includes:
  • the electrical equipment to start and stop the motor of the vacuum pump, with its push-buttons;
  • the converter for controlling the heating modulation;
  • the PLC control for the complete automation of the machine. It is possible to store several different programs in the system memory.
The programming functions of the machine are designed to fully simulate the same programs that run on industrial machines.
The PLC has a simple user interface via  touch-screen .
An Ethernet network interface is provided for connection to the corporate network in order to enable the timely intervention of TELE-SERVICE maintenance.


a vertical autoclave machine


the same machine with carters on

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