AQuafix High Temperature Steamers

Designed and manufactured according to the European and American quality codes, POZZI BR autoclaves have contributed  to the refinement of textile steaming technology in the past 60 years.
A series of subsequent developments has brought today's shape.
Two construction types are:
  • AQuafix BR-TUBE:  horizontal machine for the treament of material on creels, boxes, carts, fabric rolls or low-pallets;
  • AQuafix BR-BELL:   vertical machine for the treatment of full pallets.
The construction gives the choice of one or two doors both with either automatic clamp locking or vertical sliding mechanism.
The standard working pressure allows working up to 140°C; if requested the machines can be supplied with higher pressure and temperature characteristics.
The door locking mechanism is designed in such a way to guarantee maximum security.
In the standard unit, vacuum generation is obtained through a liquid ring pump with a pre-condensing stage.
Optionally, the machine can be supplied with steam ejector pumps to reach higher vacuum levels.
With all options, gasket design of the machine is tight to a few Torr.
Efficient removal of air from inside the package is one of the basic requirement to guarantee total and uniform steam action.
Without effective air removal every residue remaining trapped inside the package behaves as an effective impenetrable boundary to the diffusion of steam, thus impeding  uniform  temperature rising.
On the other hand, POZZI autoclaves can treat with perfect uniformity packages of very large dimensions using  AQuafix "air-wash"  techniques.
Evenness of the action and care not to generate thermal shocks lead to the controlled fixation of stretch yarn, avoiding the uncontrolled deformation of tubes.
Using saturated steam, the temperature of all the packages is reached in the most uniform way: the coldest package receives a higher quantity of steam in such a way as to level its temperature with the rest of the load.
The need for steam ventilation inside the autoclave is thus removed.
A fully programmable microprocessor control governs the input of all functions, including AQuafix operations and the process control of the temperature gradient.
To reduce the energy consumption and increase the uniformity of treatment the AQuafix  option can be fitted to the machine (for more information please refer to the relevant technolgy page).
All machines can be networked to the PDLX control data logger software to provide ISO level standard of quality control data logging.

HT fixation -TUBE

AQuafix HT-Tube with vertical-lift design door

HT fixation -BELL

vertical machine for full-pallet treating