Since 1885 ... expertise and energy for the future

Well-established among textile machinery manufacturers worldwide,  in recent years POZZI LEOPOLDO have moved from the historical century-old factory in Agliate to new premises in Barlassina, corresponding to the spirit of renovated enthusiasm that POZZI put in their activity.
Aware of the more and more demanding needs of the international market, POZZI do not neglect to constantly keep in touch with clients and suppliers all over the world in order to provide dedicated service with  updates and upgrades in assisting their clients, both technically and theoretically.

We want to guarantee reliable, long-lasting technical results with high-standard machinery while providing sustainable profitability and high- quality production that witness unsurpassed excellence in skilled craftsmanship, pioneering innovation, enlightened creativity.

Research & Development

In order to transform these concepts into technologies and machinery, POZZI rely on an R&D Department focusing on the constant upgrade of existing products as well as on the creation of new ones that, thanks to POZZI’s capillary presence in the worldwide network, are thought of, designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of their Clients.