CAT( IP, CES, GIR ) Low-density loose stock plants

Pozzi introduced years ago a technique for dyeing loose fibres loaded in baskets: this technology was intended to partially substitute the existing "low density one".
This last system relies on the use of a plate carrier module onto which the loose fibres are loaded with a stamping machine and then moved to the various working stations.

The main fields of application of this technique are:
  •     When the density generated by the press is not compatible whith the material being treated
  •     When the production quantity is not particularly high.
The "CAT" type vertical machines are provided with the following characteristics:
  •     Loose stock containment sleeve is mounted inside the machine but is removable
  •     The maximum working temperature is 140° C.
  •     Machines with 1, 2 or 3 plates capacity are available.
  •     A circulation pump pushes the bath in a radial direction, from inside to  outside of the material.
  •     Operation is performed with the material completely covered by the bath or, as an alternative, the machine can be pressurized with an air cushion and the loading volume can thus be adapted to the load being processed.
  •     Large surface heating system: for rapid dying the idle times must be reduced to a minimum.
CAT machines can be fitted with the SYNCHROWASH rinsing system thus acheaving substantial savings in water and energy during washing.
The basic module of a low density system of loose stock dyeing is the plate carrier onto which the material is loaded.
IP is the machine designed for loading the plates.
the material is fed by an apron to a rotating container, water is added and a completely hydraulic system of pressing plates compactes the fibers into the container.


This extremely versatile and straightforward machine represents an optimal combination as far as quality, usage and price are concerned. CES is a hydro-extractor with open rimmed basket.
Inside the hydroextractor model CS it is possible to place the loose stock plates compatible with the low density system .


After the hydroextraction, the loose stock cake moved on plates has to be plucked to facilitate the drying operation.
GIR-piatti is an extractor-plucker which combines these operations: the material is pushed by an hydraulic ram towards the upper rim of the basket where a rotating spiked wheel opens the material.
the opening action is very effective and thus the drying operation is more effective.


a CAT-3 machine for 750-kg load onto 3 plate carriers


a CAT plant at work


an IP hydaulic stamping machine used to load loose stock on plate carriers

CES hydro-extractor

two plate hydro-extractors


a GIR loose-stock cake plucker