BCO Horizontal Machines

Designed to minimize the bath ratio without compromising simplicity of use.
It is a known fact that with badly designed horizontal machines using a reduced bath, problems can arise due to the presence of air in the pressurization chamber.
In order to avoid this problem the autoclave containing the material is totally flooded in the POZZI "BC/O" machines.
Furthermore, in order to limit the dimensions of the treatment chamber, the normally convex front cover has been replaced by a flat ribbed wall, thus economizing on several hundreds litres of bath.
In its present form this machine is easily coupled to others, with no need to add mixing pumps.
An "in series" circulation route is thus maintained, being the only one that guarantees perfect uniformity of the dyeing results.
Unfortunately the construction characteristics of an horizontal machine do not allow for the implementation of the SYNCHROWASH technology. this fact limits the performance of horizontal machines where reactives, VAT or direct dyes are employed.


horizontal yarn dyeing machine