POLYLAB, LAB, AT Laboratory and Small-Lot Machines

Polylab is the ideal link between laboratory to bulk production. Its extreme versatility enables it to be used not only as a sample machine but also as a machine for small lot production. A fundamental characteristic is that it is able to dye small quantities in different colours optimising different liquor ratios. Up to six different colours can be dyed in the same machine at the same moment using times and programmes which can be completely different in an asynchronous mode.
In effect Polylab is made up of a series of small independent units coupled together in a way, that it is possible to combine one or more vessel in a totally free way.

Small vessels with adjustable liquor ratios
Every single kier represents a complete hydraulic autonomous circuit, it can be chosen in the version with air pressurization or fully flooded with external recirculation. The liquor ratio can be adjusted freely in a way to make the machine as identical as possible in its operative parameters, so that it can simulate the result of the larger production machines.

A completely innovative pump

In a small machine, compressing dead volumes represented by the piping system, pumps and valves, it is of fundamental importance to obtain operative conditions which are as similar as much as possible to large production machines. Because of this, the pump which is mounted on every Polylab vessel, minimizes the content of the bath even maintaining the ability to turn around the direction of the circulation of the bath.
It offers also the possibility of changing the specific flowrate per kilo of material produced, in order to simulate from all points of view the performance of its bigger brothers in production.

A new controller generation
Every small vessel is in itself a complete dyeing machine in every way; all the normal operations of industrial dyeing can be reproduced faithfully. The control is not like the traditional single programmer of a dye machine, but in effect it is like a large dye-house: A Pc supervisor whose software is similar to a normal supervisor of a dye-house, that has the responsability of controlling the small independent units the machine is made up of, in a totally asynchronous way. The operator has at his disposal a large supervision system, with graphic visualization, historical file management and simplified programming procedures.

A coupling system without compromise

All the kiers of Polylab can be put together freely, generating in this way machines of variable capacity, depending on the needs of the customer. Tthe process of coupling is totally automatic and is managed through a high level software. Even in this case the design of the machine minimizes the dead volume making the unit utilizable with the normal recipes of a production machine

Polylab, a small dye-house in your laboratory

LAB  Multi-kier machine

LAB is a versatile machine which has been designed to offer the dyer the possibility to mantain a constant bath ratio while varying the capacity of the load.
This is optained by connecting to the circulating dye bath two or more small kiers (up to a maximum of six) each of which can load four yarn bobbins of h. 170 mm. or five h. 145 mm. bobbins.
LAB is a simpler alternative to our Polylab model but in this case only one colour can be dyed at a time. The machine can be used to dye all type of fibres as it be designed to operate at the maximum temperature of 140°C.
There are two versions of the machine: an airpad one or a fully flooded model with external recirculation and static pressure pump.
Typical applications of this machine are the dyeing of small lots sample with yarn bobbin or the dyeing of braids and zippers wound on beams.


AT is a laboratory machine able to dye at high temperature from one to a maximum of three bobbins at a time (according to the choosen model AT-1, AT-2, AT-3).
The machine can be delivered in a fully-flooded option with external recirculation and static pressure pump or in the airpad version.
Both models are complete with all the accessories to similate the automatic operation of a production machine. Typical application is the fine tuning of recipes during the lab to bulk process.


a six-kier machine




due macchine POLYLAB-6


a Polylab-2 machine


two LAB-3 machines


the AT-3 yarn dyeing laboratory machine