BRINETEX Distribution and control of brine


Intended for the distribution and metering of salt in the form of brine. The solution, with a maximum concentration of 290 grams for liter, is prepared in a tank (design provided).
The salt is distributed to the dyeing machines through a mono pipe distribution line. The machine selection valves are membrane type made in PCV, each with a pneumatic actuator complete with electro valve.
The software controlling the brine dispensing system is the same that controls the main Dosatex dispensing system.
It features a mono-block suction -recycle unit to be placed in the preparation tank including 4 levels probes, with a dedicated separation chamber for foams and solids. The salt brine in the tank is pumped with two different SS pumps with a nominal flowrate of 100 lt/min powered by 4 Kw motors (higher flowrates on request). The system is provided with two groups of pneumatic SS valves for the recirculation system and the water inlet, and 2 valves for discharge and air release valves.
The very unique feature of the Brinetex is the ability to actually dispense the specifically requested weight of salt that has been requested. This is archived by the use of a special mass metering device that is able to weight the salt in real time while it is dispensed. (This instrument works on the principle of Corioli's forces).
The system is self adjusting, regardless of the actual concentration of the brine solution, allowing th operators to request the amounts in Kg of salt, the amount of brine delivered will be automatically  adjusted according to the effective concentration of the brine, with a maximum measurement error of 0,3 %.
This measurement instrument is connected to the software through a standard PLC that handles all the input/outputs necessary. The PLC is contained in a plastic panel together with all the electrical connections.


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