TNT/CAT Hydrophilization and Cellulose Pulp Production

The TNT fibres production plant described above is also widely used for producing surgical cotton.
Due to its highly modular structure and extreme cleanness, this set up is perfectly suited to full automation of its cycles.
Fibre handling, performed by a fully automated bridge overhead crane, and all other system machinery such as centralization of controls and automatic product dosing are available at POZZI's and are supplied in "turn-key" solutions.

With surgical cotton is also possible to use fibre carrying plates instead of baskets as modular elements for moving the material.
The loading density will be slightly lower, however, and the plant will no longer be easily adaptable to fully automatic handling solutions.
The low cost of the modules makes the plate-based CAT system an attractive proposal for lower production targets.

Centrifugation is not necessary for preparing cellulose pulp and a special version of the DAP extractor, designed for the supply of refiners, must be used.
The TNT high-density plant is the natural choice for preparing cellulose pulp:
several plants of this type are currently active in the production of banknote paper in Italy and all over the world.

DAP Handling

cake extractor with auto-feeding of baskets and cake palletization